newhaven.bike is a home repository for bike-related stuff going on in New Haven built on open source software and is free to contribute to.

The main focus for this site is non-commercial happenings, groups, information, maps, routes, and other helpful resources. Please visit the readme at https://github.com/bmidi/newhaven.bike for up-to-date ways on how to contribute to this site. Contributions are probably simpler than you think, because all you need to know for writing content here is Markdown., please visit the contributing page for more details.

Using Markdown helps keeps this site cohesive in styling and mobile-responsiveness, but we rely on contributors for quality content. If you’re looking for a way to get easy experience with GitHub and contributing to open source projects, this is a perfect way to do it. Furthermore, I do not claim ‘ownership’ over this site in an intellectual property way, and contributions are strictly your own. Contributions are monitored and are subject to moderation through the form of pull requests and explicit and helpful discussion are an expectation that contributors can rely on.

Thanks so much for visiting this site!